Today’s Anger

Today is July 10, 2019. I’ve just returned from a national conference that empowered nearly 8000 very specific public service professionals to continue their diligence to take on the world.

I represented those who sent me there. I marched to a detention center that was illegally holding child immigrants. But none were freed.

I half-listened while 10 presidential candidates regurgitated what they were told was what the voters needed to hear to make them THE best choice. I came home exhausted and less reflective than I have in the past ten years.

We celebrated the millions of dollars that we raised to endorse an individual that will restore so many human rights that have been stomped-on, held hostage, and erased without the permission of the majority. We chanted, “this is what democracy looks like” as a tear ran down my cheek.

I want to believe that I am the change that I want to see in the world.

Today, vigils were held across the nation to bring more attention to the thousands of children who lost their freedom (and their lives) in detainment. The news reported that the SCOTUS deemed the President’s attempts to use social media to silence digital voices is illegal. All amidst the weekly POTUS scandal. This week, his association with a convicted sex trafficker surprises no one.

That’s nationally.

Today, I check my email for regional job listings. It’s my daily routine. But TODAY I see that the regional community action agency is hiring. Clicking on the link, however, revealed that the agency is not advertising job vacancies. Instead it’s advertising social services aimed particularly at jobless residents. Housing assistance, financial assistance, and eligibility checks all entice the have-nots to pursue a hand out instead of a job. This makes me angry, not because my neighbors need options, but because I know that this non-profit agency earns commissions for every family it signs up for services.

I’m as liberal as I’ve been since my first presidential election 27 years ago, but I’ve grown a conservative limb that resulted from seeing political leaders employ the very same public-fund-fleecing techniques their opponents employed prior to being ousted.

I’ve watched the political ping pong for nearly three decades. I’ve witnessed the promises to public employees and the service to the occupants, residents, tax-payers, and voters diminish respectively. I’ve watched taxes go up and services decline. No matter who is in power, no one is prospering.

And finally, I’ve been informed today that another local school board (this time in my own town) is privatizing educators in order to save resources (no doubt in response to another round of funding cuts from the state). This is what we’ve been fighting against. Right under our noses, the plots and schemes to further undercut the value of public employees and the children that they serve. Why isn’t the public watching? Do they have to be convinced??

We turn to the left to exercise freedom (organizing, marching, voting, etc) and we are threatened on the right. Our adversaries are investing not in our future, but into preserving their past. America is NOT getting greater. We knew it was a lie. And we knew that what they called great is FAR from it, but we hoped that we would make progress for a common good.

Are we making progress? Or are we merely slowing down society’s decline?

We are loosing. And I am angry.

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